16. Juli 2023

Digital Release: Esther Kaiser "The moment we met" (2006/ 2023)

Exciting things ahead!

Esther Kaisers album of 2006 "The moment we met" will be finally released on all streaming platforms by GLM Music. Kaisers second album contains jazz standards as well as original tunes written by Esther Kaiser in the years 2004-2006... Very fresh, very adventurous ... 

Line Up:

Esther Kaiser - voc, Carsten Daerr - piano, Marc Muellbauer - bass, Jens Dohle - drums, Uwe Steinmetz - sax/flute

First Single "7 Hours" Sept. 15th 2023

Digital Album Release Dec. 15th 2023

Coverphoto by David Beecroft; Label: GLM Music

28. April 2022

WATER on Vinyl

We are very thrilled - up from May 13th the new album WATER will be also available on Vinyl.

On the very same day a special acoustic version of the title song WATER will be released on all platforms.

Check it out!

26. Februar 2022 News

Album Release WATER March 4th 2022!

4. Februar 2022

Some nice press for "WATER"

(Petra, März 2022)

1. Februar 2022

New Single SALTY RIVER out Feb. 4th

Looking forward to the 3rd and last Single Release ahead of the new album WATER.

SALTY RIVER is the centerpiece song of the album and is about ecological issues like the salinization of fresh drinking water in many parts of the world!

Line Up: Esther Kaiser - voc/ synth/ effects
Tino Derado - accordion

YouTube: https://youtu.be/jLYjOwL2UTY